Getting started

I’ve completed three full novels now, and am getting started on my fourth. It’s a funny thing about writing that the fourth project can seem just as daunting as the first. I look at the finished project and feel a little awed. I wonder, how did I ever start that thing? How do I start this one? And make it work? It seems overwhelming. And yet, you start writing and it all just sort of comes together on its own. Like a walk of many miles, putting one foot in front of the next continuously until you’re there, you start by putting one word after the next for as long as it takes to reach your destination. I started out with two paragraphs and no idea where to take them next. But one word follows another, and I’m already at 3,600 words. I know what’s happening for at least the next 1,500 or so. That’s 5,000 words – and then I just have to do that another 18 or 20 times, and I’ll have a finished novel.


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