Tense waffling

I’m still not completely satisfied with the tense of the current WIP, novel #4. As mentioned a couple of posts ago, I started in present tense, briefly tried switching to past, then switched it all back to present. Neither is feeling quite right, but as there isn’t really another feasible option (future tense is just weird), I need to settle on one of the two, and I’d rather do that while the book is still young than wait till I’m done the first draft. I’ve sent it off to my critique partner for her opinion on whether the voice is working in present tense. I’ll probably also give it a day or two to percolate and have another look at it after some time away. It’s funny; I haven’t had this issue with any of my previous novels.

On the up side, tense uncertainties aside, the words have been rolling out fairly well – I’m now at just over 7,000. I’ve hit the first small plot hiccup, which happened to me in the last novel at about this point, too – in the last one I ended up writing a scene that later got cut during revisions but filled in some backstory of the characters for me, and bridged the gap to the next scene that was retained. I’ll let my subconscious mull it over while the story’s percolating, but unless my muse comes forward with a stroke of inspiration will likely move forward with this route. I’ve used this trick a few times when I seem quite stuck, and find it amazing how a few paragraphs in, you’ll be halfway through writing a – OH! That’s what happens next!


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