On her blog today, Kiersten White wrote about the combination of work and talent that makes awesome writers awesome (link here). We all have writers we idolize, authors that we’d give our left foot to be able to write like (works better if you were born with two left feet, of course). Kiersten pointed out that while it’s easy to say, “I’ll never be able to write like him/her!” it’s not a really fair comparison. For one thing, they got where they are through lots and lots and lots of hard work. Who knows what their first draft really looked like; it’s the final one that counts, and if you work hard you can turn a so-so first draft into a really stellar final draft. And second, we all have our own unique talent that makes us individuals. One author might be great at one type of writing while another excels in something else. The secret is finding what you excel at, and making sure you take advantage of it. If your talent lies in writing comic fiction, don’t try to write a sappy romance. Unless it’s a funny sappy romance.

I don’t know what my talent is; I’ll have to leave that to my readers to identify for me, perhaps. But it is interesting to think about as I write. I’m closing in on 10,000 words on novel #4, will probably get there tonight. I’m making my goal 90,000 words on this novel, but given my track record I’ll undoubtedly break 100k, again. Either way, it puts me at about 10% done first draft, or just slightly over.


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