Thought for the day:

Life might not currently be what you want it to be,
but it will never be more than you dream it to be.
Dream big.

I am an eternal optimist. This is good sometimes, not so good at others. Optimism has gotten me through the tough times, though it can sometimes blind one to action when action should be taken. I’ve been through some really low lows already in my life, both self-created and not, and I don’t know where I might be now if it hadn’t been for my optimism.

I’ve known people who feel you should keep your expectations low, and then you’ll never be disappointed. You’ll be pleasantly surprised if things work out better. And there is some truth to this. As an optimist, when things don’t work out like you hoped or expected, it can hurt a lot more than for someone who didn’t have high hopes.

And yet, if you don’t dream big, where does your motivation come from to achieve those things you’re afraid to be optimistic for? A bird that gazes at the sky, dreaming of riding the wind, will have to pump its wings hard for even the possibility of reaching those heights and will meanwhile risk a pulled muscle, a hunter’s bullet, a large hailstone causing it to fall. It may not make it, but then again it might. And yet the bird that always sticks close to the ground, that views flight as unattainable for itself, will most surely never fly.


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