It’s official!

It’s official! You can now search my name at Amazon and have it turn up a book!

The pre-order page for the moth guide (Peterson Field Guide to Moths of Northeastern North America – yeah, it’s a mouthful; sorry) went up at some point in the last month, I think. I hadn’t been expecting that until much closer to December/January, so it hadn’t even been on my radar. On a whim last night (procrastinating) I decided to see whether Houghton Mifflin Harcourt published their upcoming titles catalogues online, as I knew ours would be included in one at some point. I found the page for our book on their site first, and then the link to the listing at Amazon. Oh, man, was I excited. I promptly emailed my entire family and Dan (he was already in bed and would be up before me) with the link and then posted it to Facebook to share. Yippee!

I wasn’t sure about the publication date on the listing, April 3, 2012. I assumed that, since I hadn’t been given a date yet, what was shown there was just a tentative placeholder till something official was set; but our agent who represented our guide said publishers don’t usually give tentative dates to Amazon and that this is most likely the official release date. In a funny coincidence, it also happens to be my sister’s birthday.

Oh, and here’s the link – you can pre-order yourself a copy! :)


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