I spent some time organizing my writing files on my hard drive yesterday, moving them into Dropbox folders so that there’d be a backup of everything if my computer were to crash (wouldn’t be the first time – or even the second – that it’s happened in the last few years). I’d previously kept everything in a single folder called “Writing Projects”, but now that I’m on novel #4 I decided I should put everything into subfolders labeled by project.

Having all the like files grouped together was interesting because it allowed me to track the progression of each novel. One thing I noticed was the timelines for working on each project before wrapping it up and moving on. This includes any/all time spent on revisions.

Novel #1: mid-Aug 09 to late Dec 09 – total 4.5 months
Novel #2: mid-Feb 10 to late Oct 10 – total 8.5 months
Novel #3: mid-Oct 10 to present – 10 mos and counting
Novel #4: late Jul 11 to present

Does this mean I’m growing as a writer? And growing how – recognizing that I need to persevere and stick with a project to make it better? Recognizing that these later efforts are better writing and more worth sticking with? Or just that I’ve finally found the story that resonates with me enough to want to spend all that additional time with it?


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