I was away from home most of last week, visiting my best friend and her new baby, and spending several days helping my sister with some fall gardening and other projects. I don’t mind the absence too much, but it does tend to set me back on things, even with me taking my computer and having an internet connection at my disposal. I just don’t have the available time that I do while I’m at home.

I did, however, make a start at rewriting Pawn to D-8. I needed to work that character change in, and I decided since it was a fairly significant change it’d be easiest to re-type the whole thing from scratch, incorporating the changes where they cropped up. The other thing I’ve decided to do is change the tense of it. I waffled about the tense earlier (was it really almost two months ago?), when the MS was at just 7,000 words. I’d forged ahead after deciding to stick with it and made it past 16k… but while it seemed to be working okay, it still never really felt right. I think I was partly influenced by a few present-tense novels I read at about the time I started it, and since reading some past-tense books I’ve returned to that mode. I do really think the sentences read better as past-tense; the words can all be exactly the same but when stated in present tense it just feels choppier than in past, for some reason.

So, re-type into past tense and add in the old character in his new role. The original file is 16,682 words; the new one, including the new material for the character revisions, stands at 5,080 words… of which roughly 4,300 are from the original MS. So, a quarter re-typed, so far. But it’s progress; need to get the ball rolling before it can build up any momentum.


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