Storyteller: in waking, in dreaming

Although I haven’t done any editing on Magestone the last few weeks, and Pawn to D-8 has kinda ground to a halt, I haven’t been entirely stopped on the fiction side of things. My mind has still been turning over various items I need or want to address in my Magestone edits. Also, one of my critique partners asked for me to share what comes next, in Magestone’s sequels, so I’ve been thinking a bit about those (I have the rough outlines written down, but I’ve been visiting some of the key scenes and thinking about how they go) and generally living in Magestone’s world.

And then, while visiting my mother-in-law’s for Thanksgiving weekend, I had another influx of Story. I found myself dreaming in that half-sleep of early morning, just before waking… which isn’t in itself all that unusual. But what was strange about this time was my dream followed a fairly logical (not a word often used when describing dreams) story arc, complete with inciting incidents, turning point and climax, and an overall character development arc. Right at the end, at the climax, my adrenaline spiked (me being the protagonist in my dream, of course) and I woke myself up, so I never did find out how it ended. But when I woke, I thought, that would make a great story. Since I wasn’t at home with a pen by my bed, and I didn’t want to disturb either Dan or the dogs in getting up to find something, I recited the story to myself three or four times to make sure I’d remember it long enough to find a pen once I did get up.

I scribbled down the outline as soon as I could, and then started writing once I got home. I’ve got 750 words down so far; not too much yet, but I’m pleased with it. I need to decide on a working title. I’d been feeling sort of uncertain about the strength of the concept of Pawn to D-8, part of the reason I’d stalled on it, but I think this one’s very strong, so perhaps I’ll work on this one a while and see where it takes me.

First, though, I want to get the Magestone edits finished. First work, then play.


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