I’m back to work on revising Magestone, after quite a bit of time off for the moth guide and other things. I’ve got a small list of things to tackle, but some of them are broad, like adjusting character personality, which is harder to do by jumping around the manuscript. So I started at chapter one and I’m reading through, making changes as I go.

I’d forgotten how time-consuming it is to do that. The last time I did revisions on this novel was July – I did a minor set in late August, I think, but it’s mostly been sitting since then. I’ve daydreamed about Ryanne and her story, but I haven’t spent much time in the story.

So now, as I read through it again, I’m remembering why I loved it so much. The world, the characters. Something I never really felt for my first two novels; they were the books you enjoy but read only once, while Magestone is the one you carve out a special spot on your bookshelf for and take down from time to time to re-read.

[Just realized I’d written a draft of a revision-related post last week and never published it. So now I just did.]


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