Blog redesign

I decided the blog was in need of a design overhaul last night. I’d mostly just intended on changing the header image, at least when I sat down to work on it. I puttered with the header, but it wasn’t really grabbing me. I really liked the idea of The Glade, and I had this perfect image of a glade, the sort of tranquil spot where ideas can grow. But… I just wasn’t feeling it for the blog. It felt perhaps a little too tranquil. I had the idea of words coming down like vines, actual sentences from my WIP, and after (gosh, was it really?) two hours of working on that, I’m pretty pleased with the result.

I changed the name, since The Glade didn’t seem to apply anymore. Now it’s just my own name in the header, but with the subtitle “To read, to write; To write: perchance to dream”. The phrase is a pretty obvious spin on a familiar quote. I liked it because “dream” has three meanings in this context, all equally true: to daydream through our stories, to be carried away to other worlds as we work on them; to dream one day of publication, of course; and to literally dream, with the subconscious taking over when the conscious brain shuts off, telling us stories in our sleep. Which seems to happen to me a lot, since I took up writing fiction.

[I’m trying out a new blogging software, Windows Live Writer. It’s handy not to have to log in to the website whenever I want to post; I find I’m more inclined to do stuff in desktop software than I am in a web client like Firefox. We’ll see what I think of it…]


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