Ready, set, go!

Day One of NaNo: so far so good! I kicked off after this afternoon’s dog-walk, which I used to solidify the first couple of scenes in my mind. Number of words written today: 2278. That’s ahead of both the NaNo game (1666) and my own target (2000), so I’m happy. I could probably have easily kept going, but I felt I should save it there and move on to other work. It’ll give me somewhere to start tomorrow.

I already had my synopsis up on the NaNo site, but I added an excerpt, the opening scene. Both are here. Please bear in mind that the excerpt is a first draft and therefore completely unedited. ;)

In non-NaNo items, I edited the back-cover copy for the moth guide today. It included two paragraphs of introduction for the book, and then two one-sentence bio blurbs; one for me and one for my co-author, David. We made a few tweaks to the main text, but I rewrote my bio in full. There’s something a little surreal about writing a bio line that you know is going to be shown on the back of the book and read by hundreds, maybe thousands of people. Putting something on the web is one thing; it can always be changed. Putting it on a book for perpetuity is quite another.


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