NaNo: Day 5. An admission here: I didn’t actually do much work on my NaNo novel today. I think I wrote 146 words. The reason for this was that I had friends over for a couple of hours during the afternoon, which is my normal dog-walking-and-plot-brainstorming time. So since I didn’t have a chance to mull over the next couple of scenes I wasn’t ready to press ahead yet. I could’ve still, but I’m well ahead of par, so I thought I’d take the day off – from that, at least.

What I did instead was write out the synopsis for Magestone book 3 today. Yesterday evening I wrote out the synopsis for book 2. This is partly for my own use, for if/when I end up writing the sequels. I have all the notes written in bullet point form in a notebook, but I have no electronic copy. Just in case anything should happen to the hard copy, I wanted a file of it in my Dropbox for safekeeping.

But besides that, one of my crit partners had asked to read what happens next (because I had the plots already outline, I’d offered), and rather than send my bullet point lists I wanted to write it out in a proper synopsis. Book two ended up being 3000 words, and book three 4000 words; 7000 words written in two days. (Well. 7,146.) I felt that was worth some sort of acknowledgement for NaNo (after all, NaNo is whatever you need it to be, and some say to count all newly-written, productive words), but I didn’t want to confuse my actual novel word count, so I rolled the 2000 words of the novel I’d written prior to the start of NaNo into my running total. Some newly-written words left unaccounted for, but that’s okay.

I enjoyed spending some time revisiting Rya’s world; I spent a lot of time in it while revising, of course, but it was nice to get out and explore some new scenery.


In unrelated items, the author of a blog I read regularly, Maybe Genius, recently landed an agent (yay, Steph!) and in celebration she’s hosting a book giveaway, including a number that I’ve had my eye on. To enter, you have to comment on her blog and then share the link on your own blog or twitter. So I commented, and now I’m sharing the link to her contest. There are already 77 entrants, so I’m not holding my breath on my chances…


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