Pen names

I’ve been giving some thought to the idea of using a pen name for my fiction writing to help separate my nature persona from my YA fiction persona. I personally would be happy to use my real name for both, but I think this could potentially be confusing for fans who are looking for information about one or the other of my genres. I have a feeling that there’s not going to be a lot of overlap between the two groups.

So I’ve been thinking that putting a pen name on my novels would make it a lot easier for someone to separate both my books themselves and my online presence according to whether they were interested in nature stuff or YA fiction stuff. I haven’t settled on doing this yet, but following some initial responses at a Bransforums thread I posted I figured I’d give it a trial run. Maybe I’ll be too weirded out by using a strange name for it to actually work…

I’m trying out the pen name Seabrooke Nancy for now. Second choice is Larkin Leckie. I like the alliteration of the latter, but the former has the advantage of not having to remember to sign or respond to a different name. ;) We’ll see which, if either, stick.


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