Catching up

The proofs for the moth guide arrived at my house on Tuesday, and I spent much of Tuesday evening, and virtually all of Wednesday and Thursday (what wasn’t spent making dinner or walking the dogs) poring over the pages. I pulled back-to-back all-nighters, even seeing the first glow of dawn on the eastern horizon as I went to bed Friday morning. But, I got them done and returned by the deadline. The designer will make the corrections this week, and then next week the files go off to the printer for Advance Review Copies. (Eek!)

So I’ve been really, really busy this week, and really productive. But not so much on the NaNo writing. Over Tues-Thurs I wrote a sum total of about 1300 words, which is about half of what my single-day word counts were averaging the week before. I got back into the swing yesterday with another 1600 words, and today returned to form with 2600. (It was so nice to get writing again after a few forced days off, like stretching out after a long, cramped car ride.) But it’s set me back a little from where I’d been aiming for. I’d been figuring by the end of the weekend I’d probably hit the 50,000 word target, but it’ll probably be late in the week now.

Still, I’m at 39,000 words, which is more than a third of my past novel first-drafts, and about half of my goal for this novel (it’s not as complex a story, so I think it should be finishable in considerably fewer words). Written in three weeks – which puts me on pace to wrap up in my original six week timeframe.

Now I need to turn my focus to all those other things that I let slide this week… y’know, like laundry and stuff.


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