As of 4:30am last night, I am finished Resident 619! Well – the first draft, anyway. Really, I’m only just starting the process; I’ll have several rounds of revision and editing before the manuscript is tidied up and ready to be shared. But finishing the first draft is a very crucial step. :)

The first draft wrapped up at about 74,400 words, which is pretty much where I’d pegged it. After novels 1 and 2 I went from being a severe over-writer to a bit of an under-writer for 3 and 4; I already know there’ll be at least two or three more scenes I’ll need to insert, plus a number of spots where interactions need strengthening, so I expect the word count to grow by at least another 5,000 words. It’s shorter than Magestone by some 30,000 words, but it’s also a much simpler story.

Speaking of Magestone, I’ll be setting 619 aside for a while now while I turn my attention back to polishing up Magestone for the final time. I’ve also got a couple of work projects and, you know, Christmas that will be occupying my attention for the next few weeks. Which is perfect; it gives me some time to take a mental step back so when I return to 619 I’ll be able to look at it more objectively.


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