Look behind, look ahead

I have to say, 2011 didn’t quite live up to expectations. I recall saying to my sister, back in January as we drove home from visiting family, that I intended for 2011 to be my Year of Happening. I’d had some tough spots in 2010 and I was determined to make 2011 an improvement. I was going to start moving forward with my life goals, rather than continue treading water as I had been.

Well… yeah. That didn’t really work out as planned. Despite my best intentions I’m still treading water, though I feel like I’ve at least been treading in the direction of shore, so I’m perhaps a little closer. I’ve got higher hopes for 2012. For one thing, the moth guide comes out in April. I’ll be doing a book tour in May. These are huge things. I’m this close to sending out Magestone to agent(s); it just needs one last polishing pass. It often takes a while to find a home for books, but I hope it will sell by the end of the year; if the stars are all aligned right and I make suitable sacrifices to the appropriate deities, perhaps a lot sooner than that (no room for pessimism here – I choose to believe that there’s no debate on whether it will sell, only when). I’ve got non-writing goals, too, life-related, that I hope may be reachable this year.

I feel like 2011 was the Year of Suck (there were definitely some higher points, but viewing the year as a whole). I’m calling 2012 the Year of Transition, and I fully intend for 2013 to be the Year of Awesome. Because 11 has long been my unlucky number and 13 my lucky number, so it just all naturally makes sense.

Wishing everyone else a Year of Awesome for 2012, or at least a Year of Good Things. May a little spit and elbow grease help you reach all your goals, and may you have a fun time getting there.

I love this New Year’s blessing from Neil Gaiman, from a few years ago. I wish this for you, too.


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