Shiny New Idea

As I said in my last post, my muse handed me a Shiny New Idea not long after I completed Resident 619 back in December. She’s got a habit of doing that, sending me SNIs as soon as I’ve freed her up from the previous work-in-progress. A couple I haven’t written much of, but the others all turned into full drafts. I have a feeling this current SNI will be amongst the latter; I love the idea of it, and I can see (now) the difference between how I feel about it, and how I felt about the aborted SNIs. This one sits deeper.

I hadn’t been able to do much more than just brainstorm since she first presented it to me; there were a number of non-writing commitments that required my attention, plus I wanted to finish the revisions on Magestone so I could prepare to start querying that. But now that those are mostly (if not entirely) out of the way, I’ve finally let myself start keyboarding some words. (That doesn’t sound nearly as good as “penning some words”.) Already I can feel the pull of drafting starting to grab me. I love that rush.

I’ve given it the working title of Where Secrets Are Hidden. It’s set in our current world, but with the alteration that some forty years ago we figured out how to harness the small electromagnetic impulses created by our brains in order to do parapsychological things like telepathy, psychokinesis and clairvoyance. The protagonist, Indigo, ends up investigating the disappearance of both her parents after the police give up on the search due to lack of evidence. Her mother left her a box of clues but without any explanation of what they mean, and Indy must piece them all together to figure out where her parents are and why she seems to be the target of repeated assassination attempts.

I’ll be pantsing this one much the way I did with Magestone (for 619 I had a full outline), so I’m excited to see where it takes me!


2 responses to “Shiny New Idea

  1. Wow! Your “shiny new idea” is like a fully thought out book premise in my head! I love the MC’s name and the working title, as well as the mystery surrounding the box of clues. Sounds like all the makings for a good mystery!

    I look forward to hearing how pantsing worked on a story that sounds as complex as this!

    • Thanks, Tricia! I admit the description there is more fleshed out than what first came to me – it started with just the sentence “It took me five days to decide to take the box.” And then I had to figure out who was taking the box, and why, and what was in it, and etc. But having sorted all that out, I’m excited to work on it.

      I actually pantsed Magestone and it turned into a relatively complex story compared to what I’d originally been thinking, much like this one looks like it might. I just have to have faith my muse knows what she’s doing. ;)

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