Writing space

Over at Genreality, a group blog on writing that I follow regularly, they’ve been doing a theme this week where they all share their writing spaces. It’s been fascinating to see how different they all are; some are whole rooms while others are just carved out niches. I thought I’d post mine, too. Dan and I live in a 3-bedroom house; we have no kids, so while one is actually our bedroom, the other two have become our personal spaces. He’s a freelance artist, and I’m a freelance writer (and we both do freelance biologist stuff, but that’s not really as much to do with our rooms), and our spaces reflect our occupations.

In my room I’ve got my desk, of course, and a drafting table that I can swing around if I need more surface area, and a small loveseat (with pullout bed for guests) that I can curl up on and read, and seven bookshelves (mostly small ones) containing my books and papers and other assorted objects. My computer is a laptop that I can tote around if I need/want, and I’ve hooked up a second monitor for expanded screen space, which I find really useful, especially when I’m revising and can pull up CP documents on one screen and edit on the other. Right now (or at least in this photo) it’s got Secrets open for drafting. This also happens to have captured one of those rare moments where there’s nary a tea mug in sight.

Prior to moving here I didn’t have my own private space, where I could go in and close the door. I love having that private, personal space to work in, where it’s easy to cut out distractions and slip into the zone. I know many writers don’t have that luxury, so I consider myself lucky.



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