The race to the finish

It’s been a busy couple of weeks of work for me, which has kept me distracted; I’d been continuing to work on Secrets a bit, however. Mid-week I wrote 5,000 words in one fell swoop that evening(/night), an entire scene that has been coalescing in my mind for a few days and which wrote itself so easily I just kept going till I reached the end. That took me past 61,000 words for the manuscript.

I haven’t worked on it at all since then, for two reasons. One was that I had a bunch of deadlines this weekend that really required I buckle down and focus my attention on them, so I had to appropriate my writing hours to use for the work. But second was that in my plotstorming to work out what scene(s) come next I realized I’m just two scenes away from the final climactic run, and even these couple of scenes involve some set-up for the climax. Secrets is my fifth novel manuscript I’ll have finished, and I’ve found that for every single one, as soon as I hit that climactic run it becomes really hard to step away from the writing and work on other projects. Not unlike when you’re wrapped up in a really good book.

Now that my other projects are mostly done, I can focus my attention again on Secrets, and I’m looking forward to immersing myself in the story as I race to the finish. I think I’ve still got about 15,000 words to write, perhaps a shade more, but I have a feeling that I’ll be typing "The End" by the end of the week. The climactic run is perhaps my favourite part of the story to write, so I can’t wait to dig in!


3 responses to “The race to the finish

  1. Oh, wow! that is so exciting!

  2. That’s incredible, Seabrooke! How long overall has it taken you to get this far?

  3. Thanks, guys!
    Heather – I started drafting Secrets at the end of January, so it’s been just over two months. Magestone took me three months to draft, but was also a quarter again longer than I anticipate Secrets will finish up at (100k compared to 75k).

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