Secrets’ love list

Natalie Whipple posted yesterday about WIP "love lists" – that is, the characteristics or features of the story that were part of why you fell in love with it in the first place while you were drafting. I think just about every writer goes through a period of insecurity or frustration with their work that makes it feel like the story isn’t worth pursuing. Certainly I’m struggling through that right now with Secrets (it’s very much tied to those hard, big revisions, for me), but I’ve also had points like that with my others, too. So I’m taking this idea and applying it to my own project. Here’re the things I love about Secrets:

  • Parapsychology (telepathy, psychokinesis, empathy)
  • Action and danger (cars and guns)
  • James Bond wannabes
  • Mad computer skillz
  • Best friends who know you too well
  • Attentions from unexpected boys
  • Worry and confusion and angst
  • Plot twists and surprise developments

And I’m realizing, in thinking about it, that these are some things I love that Secrets could use more of:

  • A determined, proactive heroine
  • Difficult choices and hard consequences
  • Risk and potential sacrifice

As Natalie points out in her post, summarizing these things is a great way to guide you through writing or revisions, to show you what’s important to emphasize and what can be trimmed out. And so I’ll be keeping that in mind as I put my nose back to the grindstone…


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