Between-project limbo

Last night I finished my most recent pass of revisions on Secrets. This is pass two, with the first being immediately post-drafting to tidy up the manuscript for sending off to critique partners. With a couple months between me and the first draft, and my first critique back, this was also the first major revisions to the manuscript. And goodness, did it ever end up being a lot of work. I made some big changes to Magestone, too, but neither as extensive nor deep, and spread out over more passes. It felt like it took forever to make it through the revisions for Secrets, and I was a little exhausted by the time I reached the end, formatted the manuscript for my CPs and emailed it off.

And yet… this evening I’m finding myself at loose ends. I want to dig in and immerse myself in my manuscript, but I don’t have a manuscript on the go at the moment. I want to give Resident 619 a full read-through to refresh my memory of big-picture stuff before starting on its revisions (I haven’t touched it since wrapping it up last December after NaNo), and before I can do any drafting on my next-in-line WIP I need to do some plotstorming to queue up a couple of scenes (I’m a pantser but I don’t like going to the keyboard blind, if I can help it).

I have email and other things to catch up on that I’ve been putting off while finishing these revisions, which was my plan for today, but can’t quite bring myself to get started. The evening feels so empty without my writing…


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