Trusting my gut

I spent this weekend working through another pass of revisions on Secrets. This was my third post-drafting read-through and revision. I’m pretty happy with how it’s looking. All the big (BIG) changes I made last round felt right to me this read-through, and I’m really glad I took the time (and put in the effort) to overhaul the story that much. It’s looking like the story I wanted to tell when I first started drafting.

So I didn’t end up making a lot of changes to it, just tweaking small things here or there. I have yet to go back and tidy up sentences and fix typos, but I’ll do that at the same time I go through my final feedback from critique partners. I’m sure they’ll have lots of useful observations. I’ve never been that great at spotting the weaknesses of my own stories so I really count on them for that.

One thing I have learned, however, over the course of revising Secrets, and Magestone before it, is to trust my gut. If I feel uncertain about a particular element or character or scene, if I feel like asking my CPs "What did you think about this part? Is it okay?", that probably means it’s not and I should change it. Even if it worked okay as it was, it’ll end up being much stronger with the change.

I had a few such moments of uncertainty with the previous draft, but with this one the only spot that gave me that pause was the very last few paragraphs. I think I’ll be changing them, but otherwise I’ll await CP input to see if the rest needs any major modifications. I feel like it’s getting close to being done!


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