Agent/writing contests, part two

As mentioned on Monday, I entered two agent contests last week. My second entry went up today at Cupid’s Literary Connection, a blog whose primary aim is to bring agents and writers together in a virtual matchmaking for lovers of the written word. My entry there is number 64 (since finding out my number today I’ve had the Beatles’ song stuck in my head).

The other contest just has a pitch sentence and the first 250 words, while this one has the 250 but a full query instead of the pitch. Knowing that openings are not my strongest area, I think having the full query there will help. However, there are a lot more entries into this contest than the other. The first one has only 30 slots, while this one has 100 slots vying for 40 semifinalist positions. With so much great talent entered my odds are lower for being noticed, but I’m still hopeful it’ll catch someone’s eye! Judging takes place this week and the semifinalists will be announced on Saturday the 15th.

I recommend swinging by Cupid’s blog and checking out some of the entries. Many great concepts and opening pages there; lots I’d love to be able to read the whole story for!

Edit 09/15: I didn’t move on to the next round, but so many good entries! It was tough competition. Full list of semifinalists here.


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