Name changes and mock covers

So I’ll start out by saying that after a lot of consideration, trying out various ideas on the tongue and page, and solicitation of outside opinion, I’ve settled on a new pen name. Barring agent/editor veto, I’ve decided to go with Saybe Scott. (Saybe rhymes with maybe.) Both names have meaning to me, and, more importantly, it’s something I can see myself as. I also think it’s got that catchiness/memorability that I didn’t have before. I’ve changed the masthead here, but I’ll hold off for now changing my Twitter handle because that’s more of a nuisance to change if it doesn’t stick (so @SeabrookeN will still work till further notice). Here’s hoping I won’t be doing this again. :)

As part of testing options out I drafted up a couple mock covers for my WIPs. I wanted to see how the different names looked in place, since that’ll be the most important location it’s used. But I was also kinda feeling the urge to do something visually creative for my stories. For each one so far I’ve done a sketch of the main character, sometimes some others. Doing a mock cover was a fun but different way of expressing that artistic creativity.

I just did a quick job for each but I was pretty pleased with how they turned out, so I thought I’d share. Secrets is the one I’m querying, Stars is the one I’m drafting, 619 is awaiting revisions, and Time is in a holding pattern in planning. Since I haven’t even sold these stories, these are obviously not real covers. Just for fun. They’ll probably come down once I do sell them, to avoid confusion.

WSAH-SaybeScott     R619-SaybeScott

SAM-SaybeScott     RunningIntoTime

I’ll be honest here and say I didn’t really pay attention to where I got these photos initially, not planning, at the time, to share them. I make all my own photos on the web (here and here) creative commons, but I know most photographers don’t, so I’ll pull them down if anyone takes issue.


9 responses to “Name changes and mock covers

  1. Love the Secrets one especially, but they’re all really good!

  2. I like the “Stars” one best. I especially appreciate that your novel is “Powerful.” I think you should have added “Gripping” as well. Although perhaps you shouldn’t have been so ambitious with the quote source – you could have gone with “Best selling author” rather than “FavoUrite author.”
    Ah, that crazy extra “U”.

    • Haha. Yes. I wanted to throw in a blurb there to balance it out visually but probably could’ve spent a bit more time thinking about it if I had been planning from the start to post them. :)

      Other writers comb their manuscripts to remove extra “that”s and “was”s. I comb it for extra “U”s. :p

      • See, there you just missed your chance to put me in my place and inform me that the U is SUPPOSED to be there and that I’m the crazy American who just deletes it willy-nilly.

        • Hee. Well, I’m Canadian, guess I’m too kind to say something like that. ;) Besides, it’s hard to make the case for being in the right when you guys have ten times the population we do. Though I wonder if I can count the Brits on my side. And do the Aussies use extra Us?

          • Well, nearly a month later, I’m back, and I’ve googled it (not surprisingly, Wikipedia has a whole article on it – Yep. Aussies use the extra U.

            • Hee. Good to know! I suppose it’s because they’re part of the British Commonwealth, too. Presumably South Africa and other BC countries where English is a primary language would also make use of the U. Canada’s kinda weird, though, in that we’re halfway between the UK and US, language-wise. For instance, we use tires, whereas most BC countries would use tyres, I believe. Canadian English really is kinda its own thing. (Wikipedia agrees!

              • Wikipedia seemed to think the Australian language was rawther different as well. Of course, it all changes. I can’t remember where, but I’ve heard that the American Southern accent is actually closer to the old school British accent than the current British accent. Languages are odd.

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