Novel Six: First draft done!

Winner-180x180I am finished! Woohoo!

This evening I typed out The End on my current WIP, Stars at Midnight. My goal had been to complete the novel by the end of the month, and I not only made that, I wrapped up a few days earlier than I expected.

AND, remember how I mentioned I’d decided not to do NaNoWriMo this fall because I’d fallen behind pace and wasn’t interested in trying to keep up? Well, I kept submitting my word counts, just for kicks, because hey, why not, plus it gave me a visual sense of my progress. And sometime about a week ago my pace picked up dramatically, as I began nearing the climax and finish. And not only did I finish up the draft, I also won NaNo today, too. Double woohoo!

The final word count on the draft is 90,643. On November 1, at the start of NaNoWriMo, my word count was just a few words over 40k, and while I was estimating I’d finish at 90k, I actually thought I might fall a bit short on the NaNo 50k goal. But it worked out almost exactly.

I was amused by the fact that my estimate of final word count was so dead-on. I’m not sure about Magestone, but with both 619 and Secrets, and now Stars, by about halfway through I had a feeling of about what the word count would wrap up at, and on each one I’d guessed it to within a thousand words. I’m hoping this is a sign of me getting familiar with my own plotting tendencies or something. :)


2 responses to “Novel Six: First draft done!

  1. Congratulations!! That’s a big accomplishment :)

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