I’ve followed Cassandra Clare’s tumblr for a while, partly for her updates and her insights into her stories, but also partly for the fanart, as she has one of the larger and more active fanbases when it comes to producing fanart and she reblogs stuff regularly. One of my favourites is this animated gif of two of the main characters from her Victorian-era series. Someone spent a lot of time on that. Or on this one, of Bitterblue and Saff – wow. Or this of Katniss Everdeen. Or this Tris of Divergent. In fact, most of the pieces, you know someone spent a lot of time on it.

I love that readers connect to the characters in a story so strongly they want to draw them, to invest all that time to produce an image outside their mind. I think that’s one of the things I hope for most with my own stories, in getting them published – that people love them the way I do and want to make fanart of my characters.

Hardly anyone has read my stories so I’m a long way from that yet. :) But with each book I’ve done my own “fanart” of the main character(s), sort of as a way to be able to see them more clearly, and partly as an alternative creative outlet to writing. Compared to some of the fanartists out there, I’m not that great, but I enjoy myself and I like how they turn out.

In the past I’ve done them while I was in the middle of drafting, swept up with the characters in the story. For some reason I didn’t do that this time. So this weekend I sat down and did something of one of my two point-of-view characters from the latest WIP.

Talon, from Stars at Midnight:



6 responses to “Fanart

  1. I agree – very cool. The funny part is that I’m going to post some of my art tomorrow. It’s not of my characters, but it’s supposed to be for my blog. Well, you’ll see.
    What did you use to create Talon?

    • That is coincidental timing, Sarah. :) I’ll look forward to checking it out.

      I used PhotoImpact, which is a Ulead product designed to compete with Photoshop, and basically a Photoshop clone. It does pretty much all the same stuff, but I like the user interface better in PhotoImpact. Oh, and I guess I should add I used a Wacom tablet to draw with, rather than the mouse. I would not be able to do anything so clean with a mouse. ;)

      • I never heard of Ulead. I’ll go look it up. It’s really cool what people can create with their tablets/computers, but I never learned how to do it.

        • Some people are absolutely amazing at it. Like that one of Bitterblue and Saff that I linked to, that’s a digital painting. I’ll never be that good simply because I don’t have the interest to invest enough time to practice, but I have huge admiration for those who are.

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