Blind Speed Dating contest entry

So as I posted on Saturday, I decided to enter the Blind Speed Dating event at Cupid’s Literary Connection with Stars. I got a query polished up with the help of one of my alphas who’d read the story already and submitted it on Friday when the entry window opened. The entries were posted today. The window wasn’t as full as expected, and it turned out my quick-sent email was unnecessary, but I’m still glad I got it in early. I’m entry #1 in this week’s window; you can visit that post to read my query and first page (250 words). There’re 39 entries total in this window, including many really fascinating and intriguing story concepts. Worth popping over and browsing through! And if any of the entries *really* pique your interest, you could always try getting in touch to see if they’d like another beta reader on their story…


2 responses to “Blind Speed Dating contest entry

  1. I had two favorite lines: “Today was the day he would die.” and “My finger rested lightly beside the trigger.”

    Also, I’ve entered too! But I entered today’s window b/c I put in my MG and today was more MG authors (thanks for the head’s up about the contest!). This looks pretty fun. When I have more time I’ll surf through some of the other contestants’ entries.

    I kept tinkering with my words even though I’ve edited those first 250 words about a million times!

    • it’s so funny what lines people like – another commenters suggested I should take the first one you liked out. Shows just how subjective it all really is! And why I like to have many beta readers.

      And yay! I’m glad you decided to jump in! I’ll be sure to swing by and check it out. It can be a great learning experience even if you don’t go on to the next round, but hopefully the bouncer will like your entry. :)

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