Revisions, round 2: complete

Yesterday afternoon I finished my second pass revisions on Stars! Yay! This was the first set where I was addressing feedback from readers, and there’s always more to do then than there is in round one, where it’s just my own notes. The biggest thing I had to tackle was the worldbuilding, but I had a lot of other, smaller details to fix up. I also removed two and a half full scenes, which included a whole (small) sub-plot for one of the characters, and a few other paragraphs or sections of dialogue that weren’t working for me. But with all the worldbuilding and other bits I added in, my word count is actually 3000 words higher than it was after the first pass. That’s pretty much how it goes for me, with my novels. I can’t remember the last time I did a revision pass and ended up with a lower word count than before.

So, it’s off to my beta readers now! And while I wait for them to read and critique it, I’ll be doing a critique for one of them, catching up on my backlog of library books, polishing up my query, figuring stuff out for Stars’ intended sequel, and, perhaps, starting to think about the story of novel #7. No shortage of stuff to keep me busy!


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