A little while ago my amazing critique partner Charlee Vale asked if I’d be interested in participating in a query contest with her. This one had a bit of a twist – for the first round the manuscript you were to pitch wasn’t your own, but your CP’s. Since I loved Charlee’s novel, and was at the point of starting to think about querying Stars, I was happy to say sure!

After a round of pitching CPs’ manuscripts, then a round where they read your own query and pages, the contest hosts narrowed the entries down to twenty, and Charlee and I both made it through! The entries went live today and half a dozen agents will be swinging by over the course of the day to read through and make requests. Any or all of the agents can request any or all of the entries.

If you’re interested in reading our entries, or want to follow along with the agent requests (though they ask that non-agents refrain from commenting till after 9pm), here’s my entry for Stars at Midnight, and Charlee’s entry for Bet Her Life. :)


3 responses to “PAPfest

  1. Saw you got some requests!! CONGRATS!!

  2. Thanks, guys! Got my fingers crossed!

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