Life Distractions

Back in January, as part of my New Year’s reflections, I declared that 2013 would be my Year of Happening. It wasn’t so much an intention to change any particular habits of mine as it was me putting my foot down and telling the universe that this was the way it was going to be.

Well… the universe seems to have listened, and taken it one step further, apparently deciding to designate March as the Month of Happening. Because oh my gosh, have I been busy the past few weeks. I’ve had a couple awesome opportunities come up I’ve been trying to sort out working details for (and don’t want to mention till they’re finalized in case I jinx them). At the start of March was the Blind Speed Dating contest. I’ve been beta reading a couple of manuscripts and trying to keep up with CPs. D and I are supposed to be moving at the start of April and have been house-hunting (and still don’t have a new house confirmed!). My dad is retiring in a week. And through all this I’ve been working a part-time job… full-time over March Break, for all the shifts I covered for vacationers then.

I’ve tried to fit in some writing in there, a bit. I’ve gotten started on my next story, novel #7, but in a month I’ve only managed to put down just over 9k words. (For comparison, I drafted the whole of Stars in two months.) Besides a lack of time, part of my problem this month has been stress and scattered thoughts.

I’m not one of those people, unfortunately, who can butt-in-chair and just deal with crappy bits in revisions. I wish I could do that, because it’d make writing through Life Distractions so much easier. But if I get to the end and I have a crappy manuscript, I know (from experience) I’ll just shelve it and move on to the next one; I don’t have the patience for fixing crap. So I’m careful when I’m drafting to put the thought into planning each scene before I write it so at the end I have a fairly clean first draft.

I’ve had SO MUCH to think about this month that even though I’ve still been going for my daily walks, all my thinking time has been spent on the other stuff that’s been going on and I couldn’t stay focused long enough to plan out scenes. I rather miss writing, having a project to work on in the evenings. The good news is that a lot of this Happening will be sorting itself out soon, one way or another, and things will (hopefully!) quiet down enough to let me get back to thinking about important stuff again. :)


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