Another idea, shiny and new

Last night, sort of unexpectedly, I wrote a thousand words of a new project. It was an idea that came to me a couple of weeks ago and hasn’t left me alone since, and I finally caved and indulged it. The words came easily, in a sort of creative flow I haven’t really felt while working on my other WIP.

So now I’m looking at these two projects and wondering which to work on. On the one hand, I have over 9k written on the first, a clear sense of where it’s probably going, what comes next, and who my characters are. The second is barely started, I don’t know anything about it, what the conflict is, or stakes, or even who all the characters are.

But the second feels more alive and bright. I think I kind of like the main character more in the second. I think it’s got the potential for higher stakes, and also for deeper darkness. And, it’s flowing.

I’m not really sure whether this enthusiasm is just because the new idea is, well, new. And shiny. And I was feeling for my first WIP the usual doubts that tend to hit me at about the 10k mark. Or because the last month hasn’t been that great for fostering creativity and now some of that stuff is getting sorted out, the stress is lifting, and the creativity is flowing again and this just happened to be the project I opened up. Or if it’s because I really do feel the second story is more engaging, with a stronger main character.

I decided I’d let myself work on it a bit and see where it goes, in any case. I’ve promised my first WIP I’ll return, sooner or later. Some time apart will probably be good anyway – usually when I’m having doubts, I come back and reread it and am surprised at how good it actually is, and my enthusiasm for the story returns. And in the meantime I’ll have a creative outlet that’s also hopefully productive. Maybe once I have a few thousand written on the new project I’ll send them both to my CPs and get their opinion. :)


One response to “Another idea, shiny and new

  1. Sometimes I find that I need a break from a current project just to let ideas work themselves out in the back of my head when I’m not paying attention. So I think it would be a good idea for you to work on this shiny new idea and let your other WIP sit for a while. And I look forward to finding out whether your shiny new idea works out or not!

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