Scripts and opening night

Back in December one of my CPs, Charlee Vale, asked me to read a project she was working on. It was a script for a play, her graduate thesis. I’d never read a script before, and I’ve seen a few plays but not in quite a number of years now, but I’ve read plenty of stories and I’d loved Charlee’s novels that I’d read, so I agreed.

Let me tell you: reading a script is very different from reading a novel. For one thing, there isn’t any show. There’s barely any tell, even. There’s just the dialogue. All the showing, the movement and emotion, that’s all produced by the actors’ interpretations as they deliver the dialogue. It makes for an… interesting read. You have to change the way you think about the story, picture in your head the actors on the stage as you read their lines.

It was a beautiful story, as Charlee’s always are. She twines together two separate but related, mirroring narratives, about a couple in the distant (Greek) past whose souls have found each other again in the present, faced with a similar choice in both lives. I’m not sure I provided the strongest critique for it, given how unfamiliar the style was for me, but I hope it helped at least.

This past weekend Charlee’s play opened as a real live stage production. She posted it over at her blog, complete with photos. I would imagine this is the stage equivalent of your book’s release day, with all the excitement that accompanies it. So I just want to say, congrats, Charlee! It’s fantastic, and deserved. Hope you have many more!


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