More good news for a friend!

When I first started following writing blogs I noticed that there were often circles of agented/published writers who all seemed to be friends or CPs: Kiersten White, Natalie Whipple, Stephanie Perkins; Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, Maureen Johnson. Although I knew they would all have started from scratch just like me and my friends, it seemed like something foreign and perhaps outside what I expected would happen for myself, being a part of a successful group of writers like that. Like, in theory you could become the president, if you worked at it, but that’s something that happens for other people.

So it’s a little surreal to find it happening for me and my CPs now. I signed with an agent a couple weeks ago. My friend Maggie sold her book just before Christmas. My friend Charlee had the excitement of seeing a play she wrote performed. And now, the latest addition, which I’m super excited about:

My friend Heather Smith just signed a deal with Entranced Publishing for her YA novel Balancing Act! I read and critiqued this a little while ago for her, and it’s a great story, a contemporary romance about a girl who was training to be a competitive gymnast before breaking her ankle, who re-discovers her passion for the sport in the form of coaching. Heather was one of my earliest CPs, along with Charlee and Maggie, and – like Charlee and Maggie – writes wonderful stories. I’m so delighted she’ll get to share this one with the world! Congrats, Heather! :D


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