Chugging along

An update! I’ve been neglecting my poor blog the last few months, busy with other projects and distractions. So here’s some of the latest from me:

First, August 13 and 14 were WriteOnCon. I think a lot of writers already know about this, but if you don’t, it’s this great – free! – online writing “conference”. Over the two days they have lots of “events” – both of the lecture variety (in this situation, blog posts) and the workshop variety (chat rooms, with either live-asked questions, or workshop material drawn from posts made earlier to a specific forums; and twitter pitch sessions). I rarely “attend” any of the events, but the great thing is they’re all archived in perpetuity, so you can go back and check them out at any time. On their main page there they have a couple summary posts that link to all the different events. They’ve got a lot of well-known authors, agents and editors participating, so it’s worth checking out.

Second, during WriteOnCon they also run a forums where writers submit their query/first 250 words/first five pages for feedback and critique from other writers and users. Ninja agents also patrol the forums, so there’s also the small chance that you might receive a request on your material. I’m already agented, so I posted my first five pages of my WIP, Drago Mafioso, just for fun and feedback. If you’re interested in reading them and seeing what I’m working on, they’re here.

An extension of those WriteOnCon forums is they’re a great way to find potential CPs. I’m full up on CPs, but even still, I couldn’t resist contacting a couple of writers whose sample pages I fell in love with just to offer to beta their manuscripts (because I wanted to read them so much). I think most writers are flattered to be contacted by someone gushing about their story and will be happy to share, which can potentially turn into a friendship or partnership, so it’s worth reaching out to people if you enjoy something.

Speaking of Drago Mafioso, progress has been going well on it. I’m currently at about 54k, which is well past what I anticipate to be the halfway point. I might have another 35k left to go? We’ll see. In any case, I’m really happy with how it’s developing. I sent the first half to my CP Tessa for a bit of cheerleading a little while ago (I was getting bogged down by various non-writing things and needed the motivational push), and she was very enthusiastic about it. She did up this fantastic fan art for me, which I love love love and have set as my desktop background:


Fantastic, no? I think it does such a great job of capturing the feel I envision of the story. She does website design, too – I want one.

Stars at Midnight is out on submission with editors. Some books sell in a couple weeks; some sell in a few months. Sometimes longer. Not knowing where mine will fall in that spectrum (I’m optimistically going on the assumption that it will sell), I’ve been trying to be patient (not easy!) and turning my focus to Drago and other life things.

Like the upcoming City of Bones movie! Who’s excited? I live about an hour away from the nearest theatre that’ll be screening it, so it might be a challenge for me to make it on opening weekend (and I’m not sure that I’d really want to anyway), but I do want to go see it. I think it’s fabulous that so many YA are being turned into films. There’re some great stories there, and they shouldn’t be discounted just because they feature teen protagonists. Ally Carter and Cassandra Clare wrote great tumblr posts on the subject of YA movies – worth a read.


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