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Fiction Projects (Unpublished)


SAM-SaybeScottStars at Midnight – YA light sci-fi/post-apocalyptic
LEGEND meets GRAVE MERCY. Orphaned as a young girl by the lingering sickness of an old epidemic, Talon has grown up as a member of the New York Assassin’s Guild, trained in all aspects of the art of lethality. The Guild keeps order in neighborhoods the plague-decimated police force can’t reach, and Talon believes strongly in the good she’s doing, removing selfish and evil criminals from society. But when she’s inducted into the Guild’s elite her perspective changes, and she finds herself asking who makes the decisions on who should die and on what criteria. When she’s tasked with an extremely important job, she has to decide whether to do the easy thing or the right thing; but complicating the situation is her uncertainty anymore of what defines “right”.

Others at various stages of progress:

Drago Mafioso (working title) – YA contemp. fantasy
WHITE CAT meets THE GOLDEN COMPASS. About a teen girl who is a member of the drago mafioso – the dragon mafia, a crime family whose members are identified by the large dragon tattoos across their backs that can be called forth and made flesh by their wearers, and used as fighters, spies, messengers.

On Phoenix Wings (working title) – YA light sci-fi
Comp titles to come. An 18-year-old air-racing prodigy is abducted by someone who wants to use her awesome flying skills as part of a planned assassination.



The Peterson Field Guide to Moths of Northeastern North America
The first field guide to moths to comprehensively cover the majority of commonly-encountered species of the northeastern region with plate illustrations depicting moths as they would be naturally encountered, at rest. Almost 2000 images of nearly 1500 species, including both macromoths and micromoths, will be included in this guide. Check out this page for more information.
Release date April 17, 2012; published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.