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An update on things

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted here. I’ve had a couple of tabs open in my browser for a while, and few other things bookmarked, so it’s not for lack of possible topics. It’s partly momentum – been distracted by other things, out of the habit – and partly a recent feeling that, you know, a lot of what I’m saying here has been said many times before more eloquently and/or by people better qualified to talk about it. So I’ve been reconsidering what it is I want to do with this blog, what I want it to be, why it is here. Who knew blogs suffered existential crises.

In any case, an update! Because things have been happening in the meantime, while I’ve been away pondering the meaning of blog. First, I’ve changed my pen name yet again. Minor change this time, reverting the first name back to my real one but keeping the same pen surname I was using before (thus: Seabrooke Scott). The Saybe didn’t work for most people, and I really like the uniqueness and me-ness of my actual name. And it’d be easy to respond to. :)

Second, I got the edit notes back from my agent, Rachael, on Stars at Midnight. She had brilliant and insightful comments, and I spent a few weeks working through the manuscript to make revisions accordingly. This included rewriting one of the climax scenes completely from scratch, in the other character’s point of view. I was really happy with how the new scene turned out; it’s so much better than the first version. So now it’s back in Rachael’s capable hands for a final tidy-up before going on submission.

Third, I think I’ve finally settled on my next WIP. Much as I love the world and MC’s badassity in my space story, I realized (following some input from a CP who read both for me – thanks, Tessa!) that that was primarily what I loved about it. Meanwhile, with the dragon mafia story I love the conflict and character growth and interactions and overall tone, and maybe the world’s not as sparkly or the characters as badass, but that’s okay. When I first started drafting Stars I felt pretty uncertain about it, too.

And fourth… there isn’t really a fourth. Actually, fourth: I’m disappointed that, with the finale of Game of Thrones last night, all my TV shows I watched over the winter and spring are now wrapped for the season. I really fell hard for Arrow, and of course Game of Thrones continued to be amazing through its third season, and I loved Elementary. I have a post planned talking a little more about my takeaways from them as pertains to my writing. But the quick sum: STORY. Mmm.

More anon.


And the winner is….

Oh my gosh, I have been ITCHING to share this news – and now I can! I have officially signed with an agent! I am so excited to announce I am now represented by the wonderful Rachael Dugas of Talcott Notch Literary Services! (And if all those exclamation points aren’t an indication of my level of enthusiasm, I don’t know what would be.)

Rachael actually found me by way of Cupid Literary Connection’s Blind Speed Dating Contest (remember my entry there for Stars at Midnight, back in February?) I got three requests on my entry, one of which was from Gina Panettieri of Talcott Notch. Gina really enjoyed my manuscript and passed it on to Rachael, who also loved it, and offered representation. After talking with Rachael on the phone I knew she was just what I was hoping to find in an agent. I think she’ll be a great partner for me and my stories!

The funny thing is: I would never have queried either Gina or Rachael just on my own. I wouldn’t’ve thought they’d be likely to be interested, just based on their bios on their website. Which just goes to show… well, two things. First, reading is so subjective, and it’s REALLY hard to sum up what appeals to you in a few sentences (and even then, you’ll still like stuff outside of it). It’s worth querying even people who seem to have only a loose interest in your genre. And two, contests work! I’m such a believer in query/pitch contests now. Unsurprisingly. :)

I’m going to close with some stats, because I always liked reading those when I was querying and reading announcements from newly-agented writers.

Manuscripts written, including Stars: 6
Manuscripts queried, including Stars: 3
Total queries sent for all MSs: 89
Total requests/queries: Magestone– 3/65; Secrets– 3/18; Stars– 4/6
Total contests entered: Secrets– 3; Stars– 2
Total requests from contests: Secrets– 3; Stars– 7