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Now on Tumblr

I can see I’ve fallen into the habit of neglecting this blog. I think I’m just finding it a little too solitary for my social media needs at the moment. Like standing at the front of the room presenting, rather than mingling amongst a crowd – when your audience is small, you notice more, and it feels more lonely.

But I’m still online, if you want to find me. I’m active on Twitter – figuring at least if I’m talking to myself, I’m only spending 140 characters on it. :) – I’m @SeabrookeN there.

And I’ve been using Tumblr a bit lately. It may become the place I post longer-than-Twitter things, rather than this blog. There, I’m at


CLC Kissing Scene contest heads-up

Remember the Blind Speed Dating contest over at Cupid’s Literary Connection? She’s holding a side contest called the Kissing Scene Competition for everyone who entered the BSD contest windows (if you aren’t in the BSD contest there’s still time to enter one of the last windows). Basically, you sign up on the Mr Linky on this post by the end of the day Friday the 1st, and then on Monday the 4th you post your 350-words-or-less kissing scene on your own blog. Then judges will come round and pick their favourites, who will be given the final spots in the agent-judged BSD round. (You can also go round yourself to read all the entries. Another fun CP-finding opportunity for those of you looking for one, too!)

Anyone who’s already been picked by bouncers can still enter but is only eligible for honourable mention, to allow those extra BSD spots to go to someone who doesn’t already have one. But I still thought it would be fun to participate, because hey, why not? Most of my kissing scenes are very context-relevant, coming at highly emotional moments and mentioning a lot of what’s going on right then, so they don’t work as well on their own. But the one from 619 is less so, so that’s the one I’m sharing.

But you’ll have to come back on Monday to read it. :)